domingo, enero 30, 2005

Practicando idiomas, traduciendo textos

La verdad es que me quedo impresionado con mi capacidad para los idiomas, os he traducido al inglés el texto que nos puso Camille, creia que si lo ponia en ingles tendría mas gracia y asi podría practicar otro idioma y demostrar why pase el examen of english of IE

The plague of the decade is the namorofóbicos. Men (and women) are each time arredios to the boyfriend heading, exactly that, in the practical one, namorem.. A thing very stranger. They leave, they make sex, they go to the cinema, they frequent the respective houses,everything in a frequency of boyfriends, but they do not admit. They have some that until have the care to break the constancy alone not to create jurisprudence, as it would be said in juridiquês. They can leave some times in one week, but it has there that to give prescribed intervals, that are for not seeming namoro. She is your namorada? - Not, people tá being. Being where, pale face? They deny namoro until the death, as if namoro was marriage, as if the heading made monge, as to namorar itself it was to grant a property heading. They must fear that when calling namorada(o) the creature if transforms into a sadist dominadora, that goes to drag the canine tooth for the lair, to make enxoval, to buy alliances, to present it parentada all and to speak of marriage - does not go. Not unless either um(a) psychopathic. More psico leg that. Namorar is light, is good, is gostoso. If to interest for the other and to bind pra to see if are all good can not be collection, can be homesickness, will to be together, to divide. The thing so serious and is taken the extremities that everything can, less to call boyfriend. It can travel together, sleep together, until going to the together supermarket (it has months), but if macabra cannot pronounce the word: NAMORO. Before, the problem was another one: MARRIAGE. Ui. It goes of backward! Cross creed! It removes. Now he is namoro, that drive would have to be test, the experience, with all the slightness of the world. Daqui little, the problem goes to be any type of relationship that can last more than a night and mean anenvolvement bigger that to know name. Of that the fear? Of the responsibility? Of the collection? To like? Always that people if involve with somebody has that to have care. She is not because "people tá being" that not if she must respect, affection, care. She is not because "people tá being" that you go for bed in one day and the other dissimulate that she does not know and this does not ache or is not filhadaputice? She is not because "people tá being" that other she passes to be plus a number in the roll of the sexual experiences - and alone. Or she is? Tô being old? Patience...

Crucigrama IE

Crucigrama IE

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