jueves, enero 27, 2005


........so we flew into Bangkok from Hong Kong after finally getting our visas. You know, Thailand is the only country in South East Asia to never have been invaded by a foreign army. Throughout all the chaos of the 20th century Thailand has remained a relative sea of calm. It is a Kingdom but it is the President who runs the country. The people are the nicest people I have ever come across.....unbelievably nice! Bangkok is another massive Asian city, full of cars, skyscrapers, smog and temples. I love it though, it has a great energy to it, the people are great, the food is the best and it has a great history. In Bangkok we met up with 2 other friends and we were gonna stay one night there before flying down south to Koh Samui, which is an island in the south of Thailand, near Malaysia. We went out that night and had great thai food, met elephants in the street, took tuk-tuks( a thai taxi) all over the place and woke up the next day with a hangover! Ready for the flight to Koh Samui.................

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Crucigrama IE

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